Squid Game Impostor

The impostors on the spaceship decided to arrange a game of Squid, but according to their own rules. Moreover, they coincide with the rules of the game - every man for himself. The impostor just needs this and you will help the hero in the game Squid Game Impostor. He, as always, is fully equipped and the task is to destroy the guards who roam the compartments.

You need to sneak up on the free side, where the red lantern does not shine. If the guard sees the hero before he has time to attack him, there will be practically no chance of winning. You need to act not by the rules, but surreptitiously. When you enemies are lying in pools of blood, the level will be completed in Squid Game Impostor.

An action-packed adventure awaits you in Squid Game Impostor. Play the Squid Game themed Impostor on the spaceship now! Earn points by completing levels to unlock 6 different characters. Get an advantage by buying a new Impostor character with the points you earn and choosing a faster and higher damage character. Complete the adventure without slowing down with +100 different levels. Assassinate all Impostors on board. Also, as you complete the levels, you can get new characters for free as a reward. Have fun!

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Control: Use mouse or touchpad to play this game. You can also use the W,A,S,D or Arrow keys.