Crazy Helicopter

Helicopter Games is one of the action categories appeared on our website, where you will have the most beautiful games with helicopters from the internet for free. This category has only appeared here on best gaming site in the country, which will try to bring you thrilling games daily with all kinds of helicopters: ambulance, rescue, 3d, army, military and so on. In these games in helicopters will have to be well prepared and to give proof of skill, agility and spirit of adventure to face the challenges of each level. 

Make the right shot without touching the ground and destroy your enemy. The one who shoots five accurate shots and destroys his enemy wins. Compete with your friends and try to shoot down his helicopter with five accurate shots. Have fun, good games.

Many players have saved this game to the list of fighting games and other similar games like Bad Eggs 2 or Gravity Guy. Discover if you have free time and want to finish it.

Instruction to play: 

Up arrow key symbol on mobile phones Left arrow key and D key on keyboards Good games and have fun

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