Murder The Homicidal Liu - Into Damnation

Use your weapons to be able to fight the terrifying alien monsters. Do you want to destroy all enemies? If so join the game now Murder The Homicidal Liu - Into Damnation at free friv Games to be able to achieve your goals. You can rest assured that you can play online games on your computer and mobile browsers without having to pay anything. In a very large place around with dark, dark colors. It's scary, right?

Monsters from where will rush to and intend to destroy you. Use the weapon knives on the game to stab them so you can protect yourself. There will be many monsters hiding everywhere and the same purpose is to attack you. So you need to be alert to reflect quickly when meeting enemies. You will cleverly move and keep yourself safe in this dangerous place. There are a lot of pitfalls ahead, don't worry you collect crystals to help you grow better.

Monsters can't make it hard for you. Please stop your enemies by all means. You will have 4 weapon weapons, shotguns, long guns, and a few other guns. Destroy everything right now in the game Murder The Homicidal Liu - Into Damnation at Why don't you share this fascinating fighting game with your friends? Join your friends right now is the game to get the chance to become the best shooter. It would be great if you allowed yourself to participate in some other similar games like Heart Box and Critical Strike 2 

How to play: Use the arrow keys, WASD to be able to move, mouse to look around and shoot.