Hero Knight Action RPG

Fight with sharp swords with your fighting skills in the online game Hero Knight Action RPG at friv 5 games. You will feel very excited about the novelty of this game. Together we will feel very fortunate to have fun enjoying things. Invite friends to join the game and experience many surprises and new things. Are you ready to do that? Find the rules of the game to easily become a winner. Defeat monsters along the way with your sword and magic! Level up as you gain experience, Collect gold and gems, increase your attributes and skills.

Hold the attack button for about 2 seconds to use the magic Power Slash ability! If you meet a secret boss in your adventure. You will face a powerful firebird. If you win, you can become the legendary Fire Knight! You will use the sword and slash continuously towards the enemy. They appear crowded and are heading towards you. You will have to kill them quickly before letting them touch you. Do you expect similar things? We will play together and discover many different and interesting things.

Our brave warrior will be a hero to overcome all the evil enemies. Will you help the character fight and become a hero? All thanks to your agility. You will play your best and become the best player. Good luck! Vibrant graphic design, you will play in a wonderful setting. Discover online game Hero Knight Action RPG at https://friv2020.games/. If you love this game, you can play some more games like The Survivor and Archero

Game controls: Mouse Sword and Spells: click the red Drug Keyboard buttons - Restore HP: Blue potion.