The Survivor

What will you do if very dangerous zombies lurk? Will you feel extremely scared? Fight the zombies now by participating in the online game The Survivor at You will feel that everything is not too difficult. Experience now and you will all be satisfied. Those hateful zombies will be destroyed. What are you waiting for? There are many new and interesting things waiting for you. You will feel very excited. Play now and start making your name known. You will do well in all its duties. The Survivor is a shooting game and you are one of the few apocalypse survivors. So you need to shoot zombies and other creatures that want to destroy you.

They will come in batches, so between every level it's better to buy and upgrade your weapons and ammo. Destroy your enemies and enjoy in this game. Do you know? The zombies they move too fast, too crowded. If you do not quickly shoot and shoot. Surely you will be surrounded and eaten by them. You need to combine a lot of skills when participating in this game. Need to be agile, need to observe well. You also have to make sure to gather good features to make sure that the game is passed easily.

Shoot and shoot continuously towards the zombies to frighten them. Vivid graphic design. You will have a feeling that the zombies are scary. Stimulates you to play harder. Enjoy the online game The Survivor at friv games. It's great if you play some more games like Archero and Wizard Vs Orcs. You will feel a lot of fun.

How to play: Use mouse.