Crazy Pizza

Crazy Pizza is a game for girls and boys of all ages that you can play here on cooking games on friv. Everybody likes pizza, but in this Crazy Pizza game, it’s a little bit more than a simple meal. The pizzas are flying out of the oven at a record pace on a busy Friday night, and you have to organize them so that they go out to the proper tables. Stack three pizzas together vertically, not horizontally, and you can get them out of the kitchen. Pay attention, because this restaurant makes so many different kinds – pepperoni, cheese, and a number of other tasty varieties.

In this game, you get the chance to run your own Italian pizzeria. In this popular Match 3 game, you need to match as many pizzas as you can in order to sell them. When you match three or more, you get a bonus. As soon as the pizzas run off the bottom of the screen, you’ll have to close the restaurant for the day and count your winnings. The game starts slowly, but as more customers come into the restaurant, things really speed up and you'll have to match the pizzas quickly to stay on top of all the orders. Keep calm and carry on cooking! 

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Tap/Drag to move the pizzas