Stickmans Pixel World

Stickmans Pixel World is the combination of action, strategy and combat puzzle, you can play free online at friv-2020 games. We've seen what stickmans can do before, this time they need to help survive in the pixel world. He must pass all the levels in the pixel world and reach the finish line. Otherwise, very bad results await you in the end. Reach the finish line with your friend and complete all the levels. Be careful, sections are full of surprises, be prepared for surprises.

You are looking for a stickman fighting free offline game based on the classic platform of the retro offline survival games or combines the components of 2d running games. You are seeking gun battle simulator games where you can cosplay the warriors, and discover and save the world with awesome pixel gameplay and incredible game mode. … fighting offline survival games with incredible challenges and obstacles and pixel theme awaits you.

What are you waiting for without finding other games and saving them to the list of new games to explore in your free time. We constantly bring new world players and other similar games to this fascinating game like Poppy Vs Zombie or Crazy Backflip 3D.  Are you ready to explore now?

Instruction to play: 

*Move to WASD + Arrow Keys

*Double Jump available

*Mobile Touch Control

*Reach the portal at the same time as your friend.