Snake Want Fruits

A game of snake eating fruit is similar to a game of snake eating round balls. The playing principle is the same. You have grasped all the rules of this game. What are you waiting for? Join the online game Snake Want Fruits at friv games. You will feel very happy because you have different ways of moving. Love it the first time you play it? Let's immediately discover the rules in this game. Everything will be very perfect. Start now and do you want to do more? Ready to join the game and experience a lot of great things. This snake wants to eat fruit. You need to control the snake to catch the tang. The snake will grow up every time she eats the fruit.

Eat more fruit than you can and try to control the big snake. You will bring the snake to eat a lot of fruits such as bananas, apples, cherries, strawberries ... Run around everywhere and eat those fruits. You will eat all the fruits displayed on the screen, then eat the next fruits. The snake will get bigger and longer and make it difficult to move. Not let the parts on the body of the snake touch. You will completely love this game.

With very vivid graphic design, the snake image, fruit image, you are very excited. How far will you control the snake and how big will it be? It all depends on your ingenuity. You need to learn a lot of skills in this game. Dexterity is the most essential. The snake moves most smoothly. You will completely find it very interesting. Start online game Snake Want Fruits at Your chance to join some other games similar to Falling Flowers and Happy Children's Day 2020 Puzzle

Game controls: Use mouse to play.