Mini Tooth

Mini Tooth has a unique ability to teleport, allowing him to traverse the game world effortlessly with incredible speed and flexibility. The teleport ability grants the player the power to instantly move from one location to another, bypassing obstacles, enemies, and other dangers in their path. collect the keys and open the gate complete each level.

A small milk tooth fell out of the baby's mouth and was completely free in the Mini Tooth. Now he can travel and go to the dental kingdom, where all the fallen teeth live happily. However, the path is not easy and long, consisting of thirty levels. To go to the next one, you need to find and collect the required number of keys, otherwise the door will not open. Most often, the keys are in hard-to-reach places, so you have to use the hero's ability to create portals. First, press the Z key to create a portal where you are, then send the hero to the location of the key. After taking it, press Z again and the tooth will be in the first created portal in Mini Tooth.

Just click on the game and start the challenge anytime, anywhere without any cost! Don't forget that we have a lot more puzzle games like Pet Rescue Saga and Halloween Craft.\

Controlling key: Left arrow key = move left Right arrow key = move right Up Arrow = jump Z = teleport R = restart