Shark io

Swim skillfully to be able to dodge all the traps in the game Shark io at Play friv 2020. Is it amazing? Do not miss this opportunity to start new challenges. Can you play this game without spending any money? That's right, enjoy it! You will appear in a vast sea. Your goal is to turn your shark into the largest size in the ocean. Can you do that? Surrounded by all the giant sharks. They are trying to eat you.

You need to watch and avoid them all. If you swim and touch them, you will die. Eat something useful for you to help you get bigger like shrimp and fish. The more you collect, the better chance you become of a giant shark. The nice thing about this game is that when you are big you can eat smaller sharks. Try to become the last surviving shark in this battle. Careful and quick reflexes are essential in this game.

There are countless pitfalls around. But I believe you have wisdom. You will overcome it all. Fight with countless other sharks to regain your life. Agile to overcome the chase of the larger fish. Eat as much fish as you will have a chance of winning in this game Shark io at Have fun and relax with a new game genre. Do not hesitate, recommend this game to your friends. Invite your friends to challenge yourself to be able to fight the biggest shark ever. If you like this game genre. Do not miss the opportunity to explore adding a few other interesting games like and Cool Snakes 

Control: use the mouse to dodge pitfalls.