The Island Survival Challenge

Welcome to participate in a game The Island Survival Challenge at friv free online Games of survival skills without having to spend any money. Are you ready for this quest? Let's explore ourselves more to survive in this heated environment together. With extremely simple graphic design and funny sound. You will be an addictive game from the first time you join. You will stay in a very small and wild room.

What do you need to do now? It to find useful items or objects to help you live in this place. Unlock the mysterious crates to see what you can find in it. Discover lots of things and things that make you use the opportunity to come to this land. Do not forget that the game requires a lot of skills to solve this mystery. Test your ingenuity is at what level? How long can you survive in this place?

This depends a lot on your intelligence. Watch and enjoy the moments of victory. What are you waiting for? Feel free to explore what you want without having to worry about anything? All of these exciting new quests and missions are unique to the game The Island Survival Challenge at

You should not keep this game for yourself, but share it with your friends. Along with your friends challenge more to the game to be able to learn vital skills when in an empty land. Why don't you allow yourself to participate in some other similar game genres Agent 77 and Battle Simulator

How to play: Use mouse to be able to move.