Knight Of Light

The darkness will make you feel uncomfortable and overcast. If so, join now on the game Knight Of Light at play friv games so that you can bring the knight to the right place where he wants to be. Start right now to be able to experience. Appearing with the knight in a maze, it is your task to bring him back to the place where the lights are. It's difficult for you to complete this task. Because there are countless difficulties ahead of you.

Stones are falling from above the black. If you let them fall on you, you will greatly reduce your effort. You need to dodge the ghosts in the middle of the road. Find a different way to go to the light place that the game requires. There are countless pitfalls ahead of you. How long can you live in this maze? Find your way out. Freely move to the end of the required game.

Can you pass the level? Everything that feels in front of you will be able to overcome when you have the observation skills and are very smart on the move. Concentration and carefulness are a necessity in this game Knight Of Light at If games leave you passionate, share them with your friends. Invite your friends to join right now to play the game so that you can test your brain and take part in the most fascinating light battle. Why don't you challenge yourself to join some other negative intellectual puzzle games 3D Royale and Relic Runway

How to play: Use the mouse to be able to control the knight.