Iceland Limo Taxi

Conquering the driving skills on the hills is dangerous when you join the online game Iceland Limo Taxi at friv. You will practice a lot of handling on dangerous hills. All will be present in this game. If you want to test those skills by yourself. What are you waiting for? Start fighting and must succeed. You will love it the first time you play it. Immediately discover the rules in this game, you will feel very happy. Start new things here. What is your mission? The rules of the game are extremely simple. You as a limo taxi driver have to pick up those tourists and drop them off to beautiful mountain spots so they can enjoy the hilly regions.

It's time to show off your driving skills as the steep and steep curves in the mountains and hills are dangerous and driving a limousine on such dangerous roads is full of adventure and class period. Your journey goes through many different locations. The steep climbing paths edge under the abyss, next to the rivers. The terrain will prevent you from being able to drive comfortably. Pay close attention to curves to keep you and your passengers safe. There are upside-down slopes, the feeling of shivering. If you do not master speed and know driving techniques, you may cause an accident.

Show off your level of driving skills. You also have to park your car in very difficult places such as on a mountain slope. Observe the signs and the speedometer to stay safe. Become a driving expert when participating in the online game Iceland Limo Taxi at The opportunity for you to join some other games similar to Drag Racing Rivals and Highway Car Race

How to play: Use WASD key or Arrow key to move car, Press SPACEBAR to stop the car.