Drag Racing Rivals

Safety is extremely essential in this racing battle. Because it will give you the chance to become the most successful. When you start into the game you don't need to worry about any money. Join now Drag Racing Rivals at friv games who brings you good luck. Start with your car and countless others and will make an adventure in the city. There are many paths you must take. You still have to stop before a red light and a green light when you first move. Observe your surroundings and dodge some obstacles on your way.

Try to bring yourself the money so you can ignore the weapons shared. Which better cars and upgrades with higher racing quality are waiting for you to discover. Overcoming their hundreds of speeds will become the most possible player in the hands of the most exciting sports car. Traffic on the road is very crowded as long as you lose focus you will be able to crash into obstacles at any time. Go at breakneck speeds to be able to feel the difference between the games and unleash racing and no need to worry about anything around.

Bring yourself a lot of comforts when participating. How far can you control your car to be number 1 on the rankings? Why don't you introduce racing games too so many of your friends? Join your friends right now at the beginning of the game Drag Racing Rivals at https://friv2020.games/ to start a fascinating car war together. Don't forget to take care of yourself by adding a few different racing games Highway Car Race and Water Race 3D

How to play: Use the arrow keys to be able to control the vehicle.