Bakery Delivery Simulator 2023

In the game Bakery Delivery Simulator 2023, you will become a truck driver that delivers bakery products. To begin with, you will be entrusted with a small van. You must quickly get to the place where the bread needs to be loaded, and then take it to its destination, follow the blue arrow, it will show you the way and you will not get lost in Bakery Delivery Simulator 2023. Explore at friv-2020 games.

Deliver the orders with 5 different delivery vehicles to the buffets and cafes within the time given to you and earn points. With your accumulated Points, you can buy different vehicles and enjoy unlimited fun.

The best motorbike racer shall be the one who can use the unique backgrounds and tracks to his or her advantage. It's crucial to know where you are on the map so as to come up with the best strategy and adapting plan. More racing games like Park Your Car Amazing or Street Rush 3D can also spice up your playtime, don't miss them out!

Instruction: Mouse!