Pancake Master

How does a baking chef work? Do you love that job or not? Fascinating now with the online game Pancake Master at friv 5. You will feel very happy and happy. We will become strong, right? The chefs will not let you down. Check out how to be a skilled chef. You will feel very happy and happy to become a proficient baker. Look for the rules in this game. Pancake Master is a fast, touch, and holds fun game to cook pancakes, as your pancakes from pot to pot, the player must carefully control their strength so that the pancakes can enter the pan next smoothly!

The game will continue to improve the difficulty, let's enjoy Pancake Master! You will use the mouse to create a loop of the cake. The dashed yellow line is the key to solving this question. You need to align every small detail so that the cake can move from one pot to another safely. The principle behind a delicious cake is that it has to be double-cooked multiple times. Just like that, you will turn on the request to make sure both sides of the cake are delicious.

Just like that until the cake is done. And your next task is to invite the customer who likes to eat the cake. You should be aware that only invite guests who love to eat, they will be opening their mouth and waiting for you to give the cake. Don't waste time inviting customers they don't like, you will miss out on the right guest. The game is very interesting. You will play the online game Pancake Master at Enjoy a few other games similar to My Dolphin Show 8 and Chef Kids

Game controls: Use mouse to play.