Princess Castle Cleaning

In the "Princess Castle Cleaning" game, you will help the little girl to put her room in order and turn it into a fairy-tale place. After all, for every girl, her room is a dream realm where you can play, be sad, and have fun! In short, every girl should have her bedroom, regardless of age and royal title. So, ready to start the general cleaning? Then, let's do it!

A huge palace is waiting to get cleaned! Start with the living room cleaning and arranging all the stuff at its place. It’s very dirty all over. Use brushes, mop tools to clear all the spiders and dust. Then clean all the rooms by throwing all the trash into the dustbin and dirt needs to be removed from the ground using vacuum cleaner , mop tools. Repair and fix all the items that are broken. After cleaning rooms of princess now its turn for kitchen cleaning. There is a fire on kitchen everywhere. Blow the fire using fire extinguisher. Put all the burnt stuff into dustbin and clean all the dirt.

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How to play: Mouse!