Endless Car Football

Endless Car Football Game is an exhilarating two-player game designed for computer play. Grab a friend and get ready for some intense car football action! Take control of your vehicles using the arrow keys and compete head-to-head on a never-ending football field.

The objective is simple: score as many goals as you can against your opponent. Maneuver your car with precision and speed, strategically positioning yourself for the perfect shot. Use your driving skills to outwit your rival and defend your goal with expert timing. Enjoy the excitement and friendly competition of Endless Car Football Game!

Drive your car and survive as long as possible from the police chase! Make use of the weapons and obstacles around the maps to help your escape.

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Controlling key: 

Player 1 controls the car using the W, A, S, D keys, while

Player 2 controls their car using the ARROW keys.