Wood Shop

Become designers and create beautiful objects out of wood. All of those great things are only in the game Wood Shop at friv games 2020 online. Discover it now! You can play this game online for free in your browsers. In this relaxing game, your task is to become a professional carpenter to carve wood without any artistic talent. Get creative with some unique objects and create them now! Move your finger to the position you want to shape, sculpt the shape you like.

Comfortable and free to create the objects you want. Imagine many cute objects to create them. What if you have no skills? Don't worry, watch and move the knife wherever you want. Unleash your creativity. Let's color and page the colors to make your objects more beautiful. Does the red fit it? I think you paint the yellow well. Located out of a rich woodshop with many different items.

Complete challenges easily. Relax and entertain with the challenges that the game gives you. Try yourself more in the levels of the game. Create great things together and sell them in your store. Show more of your carpentry talent and bring out the most interesting products. Do you want to create vases? All that greatness is only in the game Wood Shop at https://friv2020.games/. Let's share this game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game now to transform into professional carpenters. Please join into some other similar game categories like DEUL and Shift Run

How to play: Use the mouse to complete the task together.