Snake Challenge

A snake is a difficult animal to control. Would you like to start enjoying being with a snake? Join us now on the game Snake Challenge at friv game 2020. Rest assured that this game is completely free online that you can play on your mobile computer browser. You will control an extremely small snake. The goal is to collect all the fruits that are in your paths like grapes, apples, oranges, and a variety of other fruits. But one thing is difficult is that the fruit is appearing suddenly and the distance is so far from you so many different positions, you need to observe to move your snake to and the distance is very accurate and collect them.

Can you be confident that you can control and be the most accurate? You need to be dodging all four walls. Because when you touch you will have to stop the game. When your snake becomes larger than when you grow, you must not let the snake's head touch your own body. It also makes you a failure. Let's try to grow your snake to help it eat lots of fruits to have a giant size.

You will earn yourself more high scores as you acquire the skills. The faster the snake moves. So you have to observe exactly the positions of the fruit. Relax further with this snake. Let's share the snake game Snake Challenge at with your friends. Together with your friends join the game to be able to test yourself for the dexterity of hands. Join in some more interesting games like Aquarium Farm and Cube Surfer

Control: Use mouse to get control of your snake.