Battle Chess: Puzzle

Battle Chess is an engaging puzzle game that requires strategic thinking to outwit your opponent. Solve amazing puzzles and merge your knights while preventing your enemy from doing the same. Experience exciting knight battles that will keep you on your toes. Plan your attacks carefully to defeat your adversary. The enemy's chess moves will mirror your own, so, be careful and think ahead before you move.

Amazing puzzles! Merge your knights and dont let the enemy do it! Exciting battles of knights will not let you get bored! Think about how best to attack the enemy! Enemy chess moves with you, think ahead. Use the environment, donate pieces, everything to win! Gain strength, develop a strategy and win!

We are constantly updating new games for players to join and complete challenges quickly. You can explore other puzzle games in your spare time like Easy To Paint GoldFish and Jungle Block. Each world will help you learn the different lessons you can hardly miss.

Instruction to play: Mouse!