Rope Bawling 2

Rope Bawling is a new kind of object understanding puzzle casual level game. Rope Bawling combines the gameplay of bowling with the gameplay of physical line-drawing puzzles. Unlike traditional bowling games, Rope Bawling requires you to cut the Rope and knock down all the bottles as the ball falls.

As the game goes on, the level of difficulty will be more and more difficult, each time the challenge must be the accurate grasp of the time to cut the rope! The back of the level is more and more difficult, quickly to challenge it! Join your friends right now in the game to get a chance to test how you feel. It would be great if you allowed yourself to experience adding a few other similar games like Ski Challenge 3D at friv 2020 games.

Cut down bowling balls swinging by a thread in this wacky puzzle game! Knock down each pin to complete each level. Use pins as dominoes to your advantage, just like in real bowling! Experiment with different angles and speeds to see what works best to throw a surefire strike!

Control: Mouse or tap to play.