Wobbly Boxing 3D

Wobbly Boxing 3D is a fun and unique boxing game that puts you in the ring against a CPU opponent or a friend in two-player mode. Unlike traditional boxing games, the characters in Wobbly Boxing 3D are made up of multiple spheres, giving them a wobbly and playful appearance. Have fun.

Fun boxing fights are waiting for you in the game Wobbly Boxing. The participants are characters made up of balloons, so the boxers wobble a bit and are in constant motion, hence the name of the game. Pass the training level, it will help you master the control keys so as not to be confused at the decisive moment. In general, everything is quite simple. You will only have to choose the mode: single, for two. It all depends on whether you currently have a partner with whom you can fight in a virtual ring in Wobbly Boxing.

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How to play: 

Use WASD or arrow keys to walk,

left click or F key to left punch,

right click or G key to right punch.

Both mouse buttons or T key to break opponents guard.