Sort Hoop

Solve the game by arranging colorful circles. Think, strategize, and anticipate every move. Enjoy the mental challenge as you line up colorful circles. That is the content of the online game Sort Hoop at friv online. You will have a great experience while playing this game. Would you like to start and record the fun of this game? The game has a lot of new things. You will use wisdom and intelligence to pass each level.

Do you want to play now? Learn the rules of this game. Each level will be a different puzzle. On the screen will be round colored columns. Initially, on the simple level, you only have 2 round columns, then you incrementally increase 2,3,4 columns. The circles are arranged in a confusing arrangement. Your task is to select circles of the same color in a column. Just like that, you will win the game. But what is hard for you, you need to be alert and wise to use the way the circles go back and forth and let the end result mix them together.

You need to use your smart head to solve puzzles. Vivid graphic design, colorful circles are very eye-catching and attractive to players. Enjoy now and invite your friends to join this game. Wish you will have many relaxing moments while playing this game. The game has many interesting levels. How many levels will you pass and how many points will you achieve? It all depends on your ingenuity. Game Online All in Sort Hoop at Do you want to experience some other games similar to Sort Them All and Racing Car Slide

How to play: Use mouse to play the game.