Sort Them All

Your task in this game is like she picked up paddy in a basket of rice mixed together. Play the role of the plate girl with the very interesting Sort Them All game at friv free games. Are you ready? We will have lots of levels and work to do. Simple game, children can also play to relax. Find the story in this game. What is its rule? Get started and experience. Sort Them All is a super fun addictive casual game. Arrange them into the right buckets. In this game, you have to arrange all balls of different colors into their matching buckets. Select the color you want to choose.

What do you do when you have a lot of colorful boxes? You will have to filter them back to the correct locations. They will be neatly arranged. And you can become the neatest one in this game. First, click on the color icons. You will have object straws. Move to the right color and suck them all up the tube. Then move over the colored box to drop. Simple as that. The object is in the correct place very neatly.

Just like that until you clear all those blocks in the game. The game has many levels, what will you do to get through all of those levels. It's easy, please take the time to collect. With a colorful graphic design, you will feel very excited while playing the game. Join the online game Sort Them All at You will do well, with your friends, discover some other similar games Racing Car Slide and Snake Challenge

How to play: Use mouse to play.