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Together we will explore what is considered to be the appeal of the game. Turn on ready mode and search for interesting names. Together, we create big surprises. Shine in your style. Together, practice more and more your shooting skills. What are you waiting for? Get full play now. The rescue began. The entire building is occupied by a terrorist organization. There are men on every floor. You need to move the helicopter from rooftop to enemy first. Ammo is ready, the attack on the tower will begin at any moment! You need to rescue the building and a lot of innocent people. They are all over the buildings.

They are in danger. Their life is in your hands. They need your help. Are you ready to do that? We believe in your ability. We will have different approaches to the problem. Get ready to help all innocent people. Give each other precious experiences. Use your shooting skills to score points in the game. You are alone and the enemies are numerous. Be strong and decisive to protect yourself and others.

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Game controls: Click and drag. Space to shoot, R to Reload.