Rooftop Shooters

You are passionate about shooting games. If so, do not miss the great opportunity with an extremely interesting shooting game that is. Comfortable for the game without having to worry about any money. The game has 3 different modes that are online multiplayer mode, two local players, and local practice mode. Which mode will you choose? This depends on your preference. Then start the fight.

Each of your characters will have different controls but the same goal is to shoot your opponent. If anyone is the one who first fell that person is a failure. Jump up and shoot the gun exactly. The gameplay of this game is very difficult. Because you need to hold an O or W key to be able to aim. So if you press too long, your gun will go too far and cannot shoot the opponent. So what you need to do in this game is to observe and skillfully control your players.

Please focus and be careful not to make any mistakes. Because if you make a mistake you will be shot and killed immediately. Don't let this happen because it is terrible. Let's have fun and enjoy the new things that the game gives you. Freely shoot the things you want in the game Rooftop Shooters at game online friv. Remember to share this game with a lot of your friends to get stress-free shooting moments. What do you think about allowing yourself to rent experience and some other game genres Raft Royale and Super Bowmasters at

How to play: Use W / E or O / P movies to shoot and jump.