Slime Invader

Slime Invader is a retro-style shooting game where the player defends a village from the invasion of slimes. The goal is to destroy the slimes before they invade your base. The slimes become more aggressive as the game progresses and some have special abilities. The game offers power-ups to help the player. Slime Invader is a challenging game that tests shooting and strategy skills.

Welcome to the newest retro-style shooting game called Slime Invader. The goal of the game is to destroy all slimes that are attacking you from everywhere and want to destroy you. Try to defend yourself, upgrade your cannon, shot speed, shot amount, shot rate, and shot damage. Also, you can choose to restore your shield. Enjoy this challenging tower defense shooting game, use your skills, and destroy all slimes!!!

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Instruction to play: Use arrow keys to play the game.