Garten of BanBan: Mad Drif

BanBans are swarming the streets, but fear not! You may lack a weapon, but you possess a powerful car. Its time to assert your dominance and show those BanBans whos in charge. Conquer every level and become the ultimate drift killer! Can you rise to the challenge?

Pumpkins and monsters are waiting for you in the game Garten of BanBan: Mad Drift, and you will deal with them with the help of a high-speed car with absolutely no brakes. Leave a taxi somewhere, use drift. You need to break through further, but the gate is locked. They will open as soon as you kill all the pumpkins and all the monsters. Among them will be Banbans - this is a red toy creature that has his own kindergarten, where he lures children, and they disappear without a trace. Drift and shoot down everything on the field. Only then will the portal open and you will be able to move on to the next level of Garten of BanBan: Mad Drift.

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Instruction to play: Right and left mouse.