Go Penguine

Go Penguine is an exciting top-view game where players take control of an adorable penguin character. The games perspective provides a birds-eye view of the action-packed gameplay. Your main objective is to guide the penguin through various environments and help it satisfy its hunger by devouring fishes. As you navigate through the game world, youll encounter schools of fishes swimming around. You must skillfully maneuver the penguin to catch and consume as many fishes as possible. This requires precise movements and quick reflexes to snatch the fishes before they swim away.

The goal in this game is to get the penguin to it's igloo. In order to get the penguin to the igloo you need to shoot it out a cannon and go around the ice cubes and also use them to your advantage by bouncing off them.

If you are looking for a game that is both entertaining and challenging, this one is the best choice for you along with Zombie Attack and Robot Car Transform. Have a great gaming moment here.

Instruction to play: Tap or click.