Drunken Duel

Join your friends in the online game Drunken Duel at friv 5 online. You will have the opportunity to experience a lot of fun and luck. You will enter a very harsh fight. The uncompromising battle between life and death. The game will help you enjoy things in real life you wouldn't be able to do. Let's step into the close-range gunfight today. How will you feel? You will feel completely confident. Let's play together and look for the rules of this game. What is your mission? Drunken Duel is an entertaining Western game with physics-based one-button controls that can be played with two people and one person. During the game, two drunken rag dolls duel.

You can hit target sequentially by chance by shooting randomly, but you can lose by playing this way. It is possible to take more professional photos by mastering the physics of the game after a few games. The sounds and visual effects in the game make the game more fun. You will do a gunfight against a drunk with random rules. Choose and so on until the game is over. There will be one dead person, or sometimes both.

Will you not be separated from your body by the soul? Prove you are good and you are capable. Vivid graphic design with colors of two different characters. You can see what you need to do. Chance to join Drunken Duel online game at https://friv2020.games/. If you love it. You can play some more games similar to Hero Knight Action RPG and The Survivor

How To Play: Orange Ragdoll "Up Arrow" or touch or touch the blue "Arrow W" Ragdoll.