Poopy Shooting Survival

Do you rescue a bang once again from messing around that are poopy? Here, you will get the potential chance to turn into a sensible crap tracker by trampling heaps of defecation with a super vehicle while you are in the driver's seat. The sick poopy has been set free across the city. Your essential obligation is to freed the contemporary city of the huge tainted poopy and end the bad form done to blameless individuals.

Do not hesitate to share the game with your friends. Let's invite your friends to join the game to be able to have fun slashing challenging fruit. Why don't you give yourself the challenge of adding an interesting game in another self like KillMaster Secret Agent at Friv2020 games. Play now and have a great time.


Menu 'WASD' Walk and drive 'F' get weapon,

enter/exit vehicle 'SCROLL MOUSE' Show weapon 'SHIFT' Run 'SPACE' Jump 'CTRL' Jump forward gameplay