Parking Space Jam

Would you like to practice the work of the bus station staff one day? What will they do and will it be hard? Online game Parking Space Jam at friv games online will help you feel very happy and happy when practicing doing some of the jobs of the people on duty at the bus station. You will definitely love this game. You will find it happy and enjoyable. Would you like to experience more of the ways to control your car to the bus station?

Good control of vehicles leaving the station to ensure order and procedures. Avoid traffic congestion and disorder in the bus station. Come with us to learn the rules of this game. You have to save the cars stuck in the parking lot. You must guide helpless waiting drivers and direct them to the parking lot exit. Mastering the Parking Space Jam game, you will play without getting bored with more than 50 different levels! The game will bring you a lot of interesting experiences. The playing skill is very simple, using the mouse to swipe the right way to guide the cars in the right position.

One by one, the cars went outside. Wait for them out, please control the following cars to continue going out. The game has a lot of levels. How many levels will you pass? It all depends on your ingenuity. Enjoy the online game Parking Space Jam at The opportunity for you to experience some other games similar to Word Holiday and Kid Maestro

How to play: Use mouse to play.