Geometry Road

Let's experience it right now in an extremely new adventure genre game that has just been released Geometry Road at friv online 2020. Are you curious about whether you have to pay some to play? Not at all you can join the free online game. You will appear on a road full of obstacles. It is interesting to note that these obstacles are geometries. How can you overcome them? Observe and move your character to a location where there are no obstructions.

Avoid this trap well to bring safety to the end of the road. It is difficult to say that there will be more and later their locations very close together. So you can't control it if you don't have the skills. Try to move your character to avoid the right opportunity. Try to go to the end of the road to bring yourself the highest score. Pass the back and go to the next level. The later the level will be more difficult.

Enjoy an adventure on a path full of traps but also very interesting. With the same graphic design, the sound is fun. You will be addicted to the game from the first time you join, right? All that is new in the game Geometry Road at You will not be alone if you share this game with your friends. Join your friends now to join the game to be able to challenge the best geometric obstacles. If you are interested in this game genre. Discover a few other similar game genres like Power Wall and Dig Out Miner Golf 

Control: Use the mouse to be able to bring yourself safety.