Krunt .io

Krunt .io is a cool multiplayer online IO shooting game for those who aren’t scared to go forward and shoot the crap out of their enemies. You will own a map with many aggressive players who will do anything to become the last person and look for weapons, medical kits and other useful objects to survive in. This mess.

Just shoot down your opponents before they get to harm you first, and act fast or the limits of the map will take you out. Enter houses, open chests full of items and, most important, survive to win the match. Have fun with Krunt IO!

Share with your friends this challenging world. In addition, players can also search for other games with the same theme as this world like and at What are you waiting for without saving to the game list? Play your favorite now? 

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, Space = jump, E = pick item