Dig Out Miner Golf

Create your own paths to get the ball to the finish line. Are you interested in this game genre? If yes, don't miss the chance to join now Dig Out Miner Golf at friv games online 2020. Your ball is stuck on the ground. But the box it was in was underground. Can you help it? To do this you need to dig a path so the ball can easily slide down. Create a path that is just the size of this box. If you dig too wide, the ball will go out and can not reach its destination.

When you are a miner, you will see many different tricks and traps at every level. You only need the creativity of miners to complete the task. You can solve the level with just your finger, it's easy, right? But the following levels will have obstacles that make it difficult for you. The path you dig will not be a straight line anymore. It will be zigzag because you will have to dodge obstacles.

It won't be that hard, will it? Along dig a lot of roads to be able to put this innocent ball into the hole. Take it safe in this adventure. The challenge will get harder and harder. It requires you to use your utmost wisdom. Why don't you share this interesting game Dig Out Miner Golf at https://friv2020.games/ with your friends. Let's invite your friends to try a new game genre. It would be great to allow yourself to explore some other similar game genres Zombie Tsunami Online and The Adventure of Finn & Bonnie

How to play: Use mouse to be able to dig roads.