Floating Water Surfer Car

You probably only have driving associations in the desert or on a highway. Coming to the game Floating Water Surfer Car at friv new games you can experience an extremely new genre that is driving on a beach. Sounds interesting, right? Have you ever seen a surfer? Coming to this game you absolutely can do things that you could not imagine. Please control a car on the beach according to the instructions of the game.

To avoid all obstacles like holiday places or coconut palms. The game requires time. So you need to drive as fast as possible to complete the level with the required amount of games. Ride down to the beach to understand the feeling of surfing. If you are unable to reach the destination required by the game in this adventure, you will have to stop the game.

Feel free to explore the unique things that only on the beach can have. Control the car to avoid hitting the people here. Collect as many coins as possible to pass the level as well as an upgrade to buy new sports cars. There are tons of great things ahead of you. Don't keep this game Floating Water Surfer Car at https://friv2020.games/ for yourself, but share it with your friends.

Also, invite your friends to join you right now into the game to get the chance to drive an amphibious beach. List games that leave you impressed. Remember to explore adding a few other similar game genres like FastLaners and Street Driver

How to play: Use the arrow keys, WASD to be able to control the car on the sea.