Battalion Commander

Killing all of your foes who are present in this place may give you the chance to become an ultimate survivor. The mission is interesting, isn't it? What are you waiting for without allowing yourself to participate in the game Battalion Commander at friv games right now? Become a soldier using weapons on hand to go to the enemy base to rescue all your army. You will move and use your gun to shoot to death all. Your enemies also appear crowded. They are throwing all the bombs from top to bottom. You need to dodge. Unfortunately, you get caught up in these bombs. You will stop playing.

Let’s fight as much as possible to move fast every time you destroy an enemy you will earn you diamonds and money. Your troops are trapped around here. You destroy barriers to find your army. Fight as much as possible and bring back your base. Destroy all of your opponents. You possess the land that you own. You need to have a lot of observations and agile reflexes every time you encounter an opponent's attack. They appear very crowded. So you should focus, be careful is a good way to keep your best friend safe.

Extreme fighting moments are only available in the game Battalion Commander at It's great that you share this fighting game with your friends. Together with friends fighting together the strongest enemies. Why don't you allow yourself to join in some other similar genres such as Stack Colors and Children Games

Control: use mouse to search together for your army.