Sock Flow

Enjoy the online Sock Flow game at friv. You will have the opportunity to test your mental logic and connected moves from multiple points. You will feel love and interest when participating in this game. What are you waiting for? Start playing games now? There will be many new and interesting things waiting for you. Start the fun right now. Learn the rules of this game. Sock Flow is a relaxing and fun puzzle game with 50 mind-shaping levels that will improve your logic and problem-solving. Stretch your sock from one colored dot and meet all the dots until the second dot.

There will be circles and two yellow dots on the screen. Your task is to draw a line from the first yellow dot, go through all the white circle dots, and finish with the last yellow dot. You will draw a single line, when finished and finished the game you will see a very interesting elongated sock shape. That is why the game also has another name: stretching the leggings endless. The game requires you to think, you will find a logical path to draw exactly a single line connecting two golden points. The next levels will be more difficult.

The more white circle dots will be, which means the longer the line, the harder it will be to draw. Please try to observe in great detail to choose the fastest route to pass. Vibrant graphic design, you will overcome gentle challenges. It's time to step into the fun sentences in the online game Sock Flow at If you love it, invite your friends to play some more games like Laser Maker and Sea Travel Match 3

Game controls: Use the mouse.