Huggy In The Tower

Hugy in The Tower takes the Endless runner (i guess endless flyer) genre! Help our friend "Hugy" the monster to get as high as he can, avoiding the obstacles such as rolling mines, spikes, bats on the way and collecting as many coins as possible. Don't hit any enemies or it's game over for Hugy! Challenge your friends scores on the local leader boards to see who comes out top in this addictive, challenging and entertaining arcade game.

They kidnapped one of the Huggy Wuggy duo and imprisoned her in a tower. Her other friend is still out and looking for her. The kidnappers don't realize how dangerous these two monsters are, but they will soon find out! The blue monster will come to the tower to save her pink colored friend. She'll start with the weakest guards in the tower and devour everyone. As she destroys those weaker than herself, she will add them to her strength.

Such a fascinating game you should share to tell your friends and invite your friends to join the game today to have the opportunity to exceed your limits to experience. The most amazing adventure in the game. If you are interested in this game genre. Don't forget to join some other interesting game-like Walk The Trail at friv action games 2023

Instruction to play:

Left Key= Move Left

- Right Key= Move Right

Touch Left=Move Lef

t - Touch Right=Move Right