The Mole Knocker

Bring yourself lots of high scores that can make you the best player ever. You will have a lot of experience. Coming to this game The Mole Knocker at friv games free your task is to use the sledgehammer to hit the heads of the emerging animals. There will be a lot of pits, these animals emerge very suddenly. It will be difficult to control your sledgehammer. It sticks up and down very quickly. If you are unlucky to hit holes or else you will be penalized. If you hit the animals, you will get a lot of points. Do you think you will win your level?

Let's observe and use your nimble hands. You should not give up any chance because it all gives you the points. Will luck come to you in this game? The fun begins in a challenge. You will relieve a lot of pressure and fatigue when starting this game. The reflexes are so agile to be able to bring me greatness. Quickly, as long as you miss many times, you will not be able to pass the level. You can choose from a single-player or two-player mode. You can experience the game with your friends. Have more fun with game missions The Mole Knocker at

Please share this fun entertainment game with your friends. Together with your friends start on the challenges of the game to have moments of fun together. What do you think when you allow yourself to participate in some other similar types of games like Onet Fruit Classic and Shadow Trap

How to play: Use the mouse to kill the animal.