Onet Fruit Classic

Fruit will help you feel very happy when participating in the game. Are you ready to start this game? Enjoy the game without having to worry about anything. Let's start a challenging quest with the game Onet Fruit Classic at This is an amazing fruit puzzle game. You will have the task of linking two blocks with the same fruit but close together and outside. If you cause the game to have no blocks to link to then you will have to end the game. Fortunately, the game doesn't love time, you are free to think and link everything together. Let's observe using your wits in this game to be able to link all the fruits together.

There are many varieties such as apples, grapes, oranges ... Let's have fun and feel a lot of entertainment that the game gives you. Make your block lost then you will overcome the challenge. Unlock fascinating levels behind are waiting for you to explore. With extremely simple graphic design, sounds fun. You will get a lot of certain satisfaction. The placement of these fruits is very messy and they are not close together.

So for you to overcome this challenge requires a lot of skills. Observe to not miss any chance. Discover the many mysteries behind the levels of the game Onet Fruit Classic at friv online. What do you think when I share this game with your friends. Along with your friends participate in the game to be able to experience together. It's great to add in a few other similar types of puzzle games Shadow Trap and Love Pins

How to play: Use mouse to control everything.