Mr Noob Pro Archer

Have fun with this new action game Mr Noob Pro Archer is an archery game where the little noob must shoot his arrows at the enemies that arrive to eliminate you !!! Can you help eliminate with your bow and arrow? Try it onfriv2020 totally free. One day like another, a little noob will meet multiple enemies who want to eliminate you, they will not hesitate to hurt you with their arrows or swords, can you stop them?

Here the little noob bowman should dispose of the adversaries with his bow and bolt!! Targets Eliminate every one of the foes that will be situated in various places of the levels, work on your score with every end, gather all the gold you can, attempt however many times as you need and partake in an easygoing activitygame.

Such a unique-themed game with a high-quality design for an endless journey will be a perfect option to let you relax after your day. Find yourself emerging in other new worlds, new characters, and brilliant adventures like Pixel Parkour!


 Aim and shoot with the mouse right click on PC

On mobile and tablet devices touch the screen to aim and release to shoot.