Shot Trigger

Shot Trigger is a Shooting game on You can play Shot Trigger in your browser for free.

Shot Trigger is an action online game that has really simple controls. Your hero keeps running forward and you will help him to rescue civilians and destroy enemies. Once the enemy appears, the hero leaps into the air and time slows down. Your task will be to shoot at the right moment to kill the enemy. Of course you can be more in the place, so be prepared. If you happen to miss a shot during a jump, the enemy will certainly fire and you will die. In addition, you have a limited number of rounds, so try to aim accurately. For money you can buy new weapons in the store. 

Shot Trigger is a type of adventure shooting game. In this friv game, players will control a powerful killer to participate in the mission. As a trained killer, you need to kill your enemies accurately, close to the ultimate mission target, and execute the mission according to the requirements! The difficulty of the game is increasing, have fun!

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