Snake and Blocks

Snake and Blocks is a funny game for you to kill some time. Your objective in this game at friv com Games play is to reach as far as possible through the vertically scrolling screen, collecting balls to grow and avoiding the coloured blocks with numbers inside. Those numbers determine how many balls will cost your snake to brake it and keep sliding. 

If you control well, your snake will become longer and longer and survivor longer. Therefore, your challenge is to protect your snake on the road and break bricks on your way. If the number is higher than the amount of balls your snake owns, you will lose and start all over again. That's so fun and addictive. I believe that you can spend your whole spare time on playing it! Do you want to have a try? Come and make the longest snake! Have a good time! 

Players can also share the experience of participating in this game with friends and draw the latest experiences in other similar games such as Mini Tooth.


Use the mouse to hold click to move from side to side