Galaxy Defense

Defend your spaceship to go on a journey adventure in these universes. What are you waiting for without allowing yourself to explore right now into the game Galaxy Defense at The main shield constantly rotates around the spaceship to protect it. So focus on this game and move the shield to where the universe is coming to destroy your ship. Make sure and protect your spaceship most safely.

Then you can turn the level of the game. This is a very large spaceship adventure game. If the shooting star comes at a very high speed then tap the screen to speed up your shield. Otherwise, you will be annihilated at any moment. Please touch the center of the screen to increase the speed of the shields. Later, you will have more shields throughout this game to protect your ship from being collided with by any planet. You will lose the additional shields when the meteor hits us and your shields will become defenseless.

Don't let this happen because it's awful, right? Try to observe and move your shield as accurately as possible. Destroy all the mars or countless others. Go to the finish line safely in this game. Earn yourself a high score. Let's hurry to explore the game in a comfortable and relaxing final position after a new planet. Do not hesitate that let's share the game Galaxy Defense at friv online with your friends to conquer a spaceship together. Explore in addition to a few other similar universe game genres Super Wash 2 and Pull Rocket

Control: Use mouse to be able to move the shields as fast as possible.