Kid Maestro

A good song will make the audience love it. The musician turns the senseless musical notes into fascinating sounds. Invite your friends to immediately enjoy Kid Maestro's online game at friv games to practice becoming the best lute player. You will show off your amazing musical talent skills. Do you want to be a celebrity?

Let's start with simpler music. After that let's play a variety of music. The sounds are so funny. You will love it and have fun. Kid Maestro is a fun music game where you can play the piano. Follow the star and click on the piano keys to pick up the sound. It's a fun and funny game. You can play all the popular kids' music at this moment. Practice on your piano and have fun. You will mix tracks according to your preferences. It may not be the same as the original. But it's still very fun. What will you do to become the best pianist? How will you feel? Welcome to the great things from this music game.

Unique image design, many interesting colors. You will experience a lot of interesting and interesting things. The sound is very enjoyable, you will experience many more wonderful things and feel very relaxing. You will experience and challenge to imitate a good piano player. What will you do to know how to be a happy musician? The game will help you relax a lot. Join the Kid Maestro online game at It's great if you invite your friends to join some other games like Snake Want Fruits and Falling Flowers

Game controls: Use mouse to play.