Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters

Go to players' positions then lift them and throw them down. This is a mission that you need to perform in this game. Sounds attractive, right? This game Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters at friv games is a fighting game with the main goal of throwing all those around you who appear under. You will become the last survivor then you will win every way the game is offered. But things are not that simple. Around you do a lot of enemies. They can lift you at any time.

So you need to observe accurately to take advantage of a good opportunity to be able to move to the enemy and hit the bottom. The more revenge you throw, the higher your score and the more chance you have of winning. Become the top player in the rankings in a fight that no one can defeat you. Move very carefully because you can be pushed down by others at any time. This is a completely new game way you can both play and relax. Clear all the players around you. It's great that you can become the last survivor in this place and take on the challenges behind you.

There is only one character left, please try to destroy this enemy. They are doing a wits game with you. So there will be a struggle. You will become the winner when you gain wisdom. Let's bring this experience to invite your friends to join the game Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters at https://friv2020.games/ to defeat many of the enemies ahead. Join a few other interesting game genres like Pillow Battle.io and Dungeon.ro

Control: Use the mouse to be able to move in to throw your character.