Swampy Assault

Our swamp shack is under attack by crocodiles, turtles, you name it, they all want to attack it. Grab your shot gun and start shooting, there are loads of challenging levels Guns, Swaps and a Redneck! Your bog is enduring an onslaught! Get a weapon and safeguard your home from the attacking beasts, as frenzied zombie-style beasts, crocodiles, outsiders and that's only the tip of the iceberg!

Concoct a methodology! Shoot weapons. Beat the beasts. Endure the assault and secure your home. The malicious beasts might know no benevolence, however you can beat them all - each and every beast is a tomfoolery challenge! We are pleased to receive your comments. If you think well of the game, rate it highly. Don’t forget to give an introduction to your close friends. Explore new games such as Imposter Hunter at friv4 school 2022. Good luck!


Just one Click/Touch to play