Drone Destruction

Ben 10: Drone Destruction is an action game you can play on iyigames.com. You get to play as some of the aliens from the animated cartoon TV series Ben 10. Choose your favorite alien, protect Grandpa Max from waves of enemy drones, and unlock upgrades in-between. While traveling in the Rust Bucket, the road in front of our two protagonists gets blocked. Suddenly, they find themselves surrounded by dangerous alien drones.

Besides, all aliens have a special move that deals more damage and has a larger attack area. You must, however, wait for the meter to charge before pressing Z to use it! The name of the game is survival! When you allow our protagonist to take a hit, the life bar in the upper right corner of the screen will deplete. Because there are no health upgrades, you'll quickly realize that defense is just as important as attacking drones.

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Use keyboard to play.